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We have 7 universal sizes of stretch covers to fit almost any car out there! We also have 3 sizes of Motorbike covers and a range of custom fit motorsport covers for cars with large wings. 

Use our size guide to find the best fit for your car. 

If you're unsure, or you cannot find your car in our size guide, you can contact us directly here for some guidance. We can also create fully bespoke covers tailored exactly to your vehicle.

Our covers are made from a soft, thick blend of84% polyester, and 16% elastane. The elastane is what gives the covers their strechiness and ability to form fit around the lines of the vehicle. All of our covers have a fleecy inner lining to protect the paint from any scratches or scuffing. They also feature a 4-way elastic hemming giving the covers the ability to tuck under the front and rear of the car to hold the cover in place. 

If your car has a radio antenna the best option will be to remove the antenna itself.
If this is not possible, and it is not possible for the cover to fit effectively with the antenna in place, then follow these instructions:

1. Apply cover to car and ensure it fits as evenly as possible

2. Using a sharp knife/blade, cut a small slot in the cover immediately above the top of the antenna

3. Using a strong thread, sew around the edges of the slot to prevent any tearing. 

If you're unsure, you can contact us directly here for some guidance. 

This depends on the size of the wing. Small subtle lips and spoilers are usually accomadated for with the stretchiness of the covers.

However in the case of aftermarket wings or large factory wings (think Porsche GT3 RS, Viper ACR, AMG GT Black Series), it may be worth getting the next size up, or taking a look at our Motorsport Collection which has covers specifically made for cars with large wings. 

If you're unsure, you can contact us directly for some guidance. 

This is dependant on just how large the roof rack system is. Roof racks will increase the volume of car that needs to be covered, so there's a chance you might need to go up a size.

For example, you probably wouldn't need to go up a size if you just had standard factory solid rail racks, however a large canopy 'tray-style' fixture would likely warrant going up one size. 

If you're unsure, you can contact us directly for some guidance. 

Shipping to metropoliton areas across the US and Canada will normally will take 3-5 business days from date of despatch. Regional area allow up to 7 business days to receive your consignment.

During busy sale periods such as Black Friday and Christmas, shipping can be delayed. 

The Sleeping Bag Covers are designed exclusively for enclosed indoor use. The soft, fleece lined covers are not weatherproof and should not be used in any environment exposed to the elements. The Sleeping Bag car covers are not suitable for use outdoors or in open sided carports. 

No, we don't offer an outdoor cover as yet. But watch this space!

With its soft fleece-lined inner lining, the Sleeping Bag ensures that paintwork is protected from any micro scratching or scuffing. The covers are also machine washable to prevent any dirt or dust build up that could harm the paint work. For best results, only apply to a clean vehicle, and always wash the cover when dirty!

Yes! We now offer custom printing for $120 per print. Simply select your desired car cover colour, then select 'Customised Logo Print' under the Bonnet Logo Print drop down menu before adding to cart. You will then be prompted to upload a logo of our choice. The file you submit is what we will print on your cover. The print location will be on the bonnet area of the cover. Size of print will vary based on the logo design submitted. Maximum print size will be 60cm x 40cm. Please ensure: 

- Your file is a EPS, JPG or PNG file ONLY

- Logo resolution is a minimum of 2000 x 2000 px

- The colour of your logo doesn’t clash with the colour of the cover you have selected 

In order to use a design you must have the full rights to use the design. If you are unsure or have doubts over ownership, please confirm your ownership or seek permission from the copyright owner.