Our Inspiration

The Cover Shop was founded on the belief of one concept - life is too short for poor quality, average looking car & motorbike covers that simply aren't capable of doing the job they are assigned to do.

Our background is in professional car storage, where we've seen our fair share of car covers, both good and not so good. We would often experienced covers that;

  • Wouldn't allow moisture to escape the vehicle;
  • Would leak dust through the material over time;
  • Were made of coarse material that would micro-scratch paint during application and removal, but most importantly;
  • Wouldn't fit the car or bike correctly, looking loose and just plain wrong.

Inspired by these uninspiring facts of life, we created 'The Sleeping Bag'- a premium car cover that is designed to do the exact opposite to everything above

To us, a car cover is so much more than just a cover.

The Only Cover
You'll Ever Need.

Why is it different to others?

  • It's actually dust-resistant
  • It's breathable, allowing trapped moisture to escape
  • It's soft fleece lining won't scratch paintwork
  • Our concise size range will fit almost every car and bike out there
  • We offer a 3 year product warranty

Simply put, it does what it says on the tin, and it looks damn good while doing it.

The material blend and full elastic hemming has been designed to mould to your car as if it was custom-made for it. The good news for you is that you'll have yourself a custom-look cover without having to pay a custom price tag.