Preventing Mould and Mildew: The Importance of Breathable Car Covers

How Does A Protective Car Cover Prevent Mould And Mildew?

Have you recently discovered an issue with mould or mildew around your car? This is one of the worst aesthetic issues that you can have with your vehicle. It will look disgusting, age your car considerably and lower the value when it’s time to sell. There’s also a strong possibility that it will smell horrible and it may even cause certain health issues, particularly in young children. That’s why it’s important to know why mould or mildew may develop around your vehicle and the steps that you can take to manage this issue the right way. 

What Causes Mould And Mildew Around Your Car?

Similar to the mould that you might notice around your home, mould and mildew in a car is typically caused by a problem with damp conditions as well as terrible air circulation. This will result in mould growth. Often, you will notice this in crevices as well as hard-to-reach areas. However, ultimately it can grow anywhere in your vehicle where there might be moisture. For instance, you might find that it grows in the crevices between your windows or even around the windscreen. 

How To Prevent Mould Developing

There are steps that you can take to deal with mould once it develops on your vehicle. However, the best option would be to stop it from growing in the first place. As mentioned, mould grows when there isn’t enough air circulation. That’s why you need to make sure that you are using a breathable car cover. Breathable car covers will protect your car from any elements and ensure that it remains in the best condition. At the same time, it will still ensure air can circulate around your vehicle without any issues. 

Breathable car covers like this are available from companies such as The Cover Shop. These are designed to the highest quality. 

Alternatively, you may want to think about using someone like The Auto House Group. Instead of purchasing a breathable car cover, a service like this means that you can store your car using a professional solution. This guarantees that it will be in the right environment free from issues such as dust, salt, or heat that could damage your vehicle. 

Why Are Indoor Car Covers Important?

If you are not using a professional car storage service, then you should always use a car cover on your vehicle. A cover like this will protect your vehicle from dings and ensure that there is no chance of you scratching the paintwork or the rims thanks to the soft material they are made of. It also means that you don’t have to clean your car quite as often as they’ll keep the dust off. You just need to remember to use a cover that is breathable. 

We hope this helps you prevent mould and mildew from damaging or disrupting your car. Remember, if you are already having issues like this, some white vinegar and good old fashioned elbow grease will clear it up in no time.