Can Car Covers Scratch or Damage Your Paint?

The right car cover protection can safeguard your vehicles from all of the elements, dust, and other potential hazards, but the common concern amongst car owners is whether covers cause problems to their paint by scratching or damaging them. Let's show you some insights around this.

The Quality of the Material

Understanding the material quality the car cover plays is critical in determining its impact on the paintwork. High-quality covers made from non-abrasive fabrics will ensure a snug fit without causing scratches. The best car cover protection comes with a soft interior lining, acting as a protective barrier between the car and the paint, and our covers contain soft fleece lining that does not scratch.

Green car scracthed

The Importance of a Proper Fit

A well-fitted car cover tailored to your make and model will minimise unnecessary movement. Like well-fitting clothes, premium car cover protection will reduce the risk of damage to the paint surface arising from external factors that may cause abrasions.

Protecting a Clean Surface

If you place the car cover on a dirty surface this will mean trapped dirt particles scratching the paint when the cover is either applied or moved. It's best to clean the vehicle before you cover it to reduce the risks.

Weather Conditions and Storage

Improper storage of the car cover can have an impact on the car paint. Excessive moisture, heat, or prolonged exposure to sunlight can impact the cover's quality, which may result in issues like mould, which can transfer to the paint surface. If your car cover is in windy conditions where it could rub against the car, this may cause damage to the paint. As many car covers can stop moisture from getting out, this may result in paintwork damage and rust, which can be incredibly detrimental to your vehicle over time. This is why our car covers are made from breathable material to minimise the potential for mould, and its reduced heat cycle impact can give you extra peace of mind.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Looking after the vehicle and the car cover is crucial in preventing damage. Regular cleaning of the cover to remove any dirt or debris will prevent any abrasive particles from scratching the paint. Being machine washable, our car covers will always ensure you can keep your vehicle as clean as possible. Similarly, keeping the car clean will reduce any chances of abrasive substances causing damage to the vehicle when applying the cover. Thus, understanding the importance of maintaining your car cover for optimal protection is important. 

Choosing the Right Cover for Your Needs

Understanding your specific usage and environment is essential to picking the right car cover protection. When you have the right cover, it will mitigate so many risks. At The Cover Shop, our size range will fit most cars and bikes, and you can even personalise the cover to suit your car with our in-house custom logo printing. Choosing the right cover will make all of the difference and while the concern of car covers causing damage to the paint is a valid concern, ensuring you have a high-quality, well-maintained cover designed for your specific needs and environment will make all of the difference.