Buying a Luxury Car? Here’s Some Advice You Need To Know

If you are on the hunt for your first luxury car, it's not just about getting the first car that you fall in love with; there’s an abundance of things you need to consider when it comes to getting the right luxury car for your needs. So what do you really need to know?

Understanding What You Need Out of a Luxury Car

A luxury car, for many people, is the epitome of their life's hard work. We all just want to show off, but there are a few things that we all need to bear in mind when it comes to purchasing the right luxury car, which all depend on our needs. Think about some of the following: 

The Size

You may want something sporty and smaller like a Jaguar F-Type, or you may lust after a larger vehicle for your family, like the Land Rover Defender or Porsche Cayenne, but a luxury car is not always a small, sporty, sleek piece of work there's a lot more to consider. 

Engine Size

Luxury cars have a number of different engine sizes, including V6, V8, as well as electric or hybrid. If you are thinking about saving on fuel emissions or looking to be more green, you may opt for one of the latter two. 


A luxury vehicle is going to attract the attention of the right and wrong type. It's important to make sure that you are looking after your vehicle properly. When it comes to storage, it goes without saying that it needs to be away from prying eyes, nestled securely in a garage, but you may also want to consider additional protection, especially if you are not going to take it out and about all of the time. A luxury car can be prone to wear and tear if you don't look after it properly. It can also change according to the temperatures, which is why you may want additional coverage. The Cover Shop can help you out here, with a number of different coverage options for luxury vehicles of all sizes. 

Safety Features

Luxury cars will have a variety of state-of-the-art features that give you peace of mind on the road. If you have a family or you just want to make sure that you feel calmer, there are an abundance of safety features that could benefit you, such as blind spot monitoring, anti-theft, features, forward collision warning systems, and adaptive cruise control. The latter is always great for long journeys where you just want to show off. 

The Amenities

High-spec cars come with high-spec features, but it depends on the features you want. If you are looking for the lap of luxury, for example, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan comes with a champagne fridge at the back!

Choose the Right Time To Buy

Buying a luxury car may be all about venturing into the dealership and driving out with something you are more than proud to show off. But there are a few little tricks of the trade and little dealership secrets we could all benefit from knowing. These include: 

Purchase Your Vehicle During the Week

Purchasing your vehicle during the week rather than the weekend means you will have a lot more to choose from in the dealership. 

Do Your Research

If a new model is coming out soon, you could get a deal on an older model. 

Buy It Towards the End of the Month

Salespeople are always looking to get more commission, and the end of the month is that frantic when they are trying to meet their quotas, which means you could negotiate better terms and snap up a bargain.

Test Drive the Thing!

If you are shopping in a dealership, you need to take it for a test drive. The great thing about luxury cars is that at the dealership, they will all be clamouring to get your money. Take your time and test as many vehicles as necessary. This will give you a far better idea of, not just how the car looks, but how it feels.

Think About the Market Value

Vehicles depreciate in value over time. But there are things you can do to ensure that, if you ever decide to sell it on, you are looking after it to the best of your abilities. Regularly changing the oil and taking it into a top quality mechanic makes a big difference, as well as ensuring you are protecting your vehicle. This is why it's so important to make sure you are covering your vehicles, and The Cover Shop car covers provide a wealth of protection that is simple, yet effective.